Launch of CasterStats v4.0

This last few months the team has been busy working on CasterStats V4.0.

As well as a new, improved user interface CasterStats V4.0 introduces our new product CasterStats Live, the web based version of our best-selling desktop software CasterStats Dashboard.  CasterStats Live is an integrated solution giving you easy access to both historical and real-time metrics.

Sessions Overview

The new product has hundreds of new features but here are a few of the headliners:

Historical Reporting – CasterStats Insights

You can now preset your report parameters and produce them with just 3 clicks – and all reports are run in the background and saved so you can continue working and go back to view reports at any time.  In addition the reports are now presented with a cover page, which you can personalize with your logo, giving the report parameters and a table of contents.

As part of reporting we have designed a set of rules that can be applied to any field in the source file using “equals”, “smaller than”, “greater than” or “includes” to filter your data.

In addition there are 2 new reports: Top IP addresses and a complete list of enriched sessions.  You can also filter IP addresses to exclude them from your data.

Real Time Analytics

This gives web access to the visualization components of CasterStats Dashboard, including:

Active Users Audience Graph
Bandwidth Usage Cities
Countries Map
Platforms Players
Regions Stream Counter
Stream Gauges Stream Grid
Peak History

New Admin Features

You can now create and manage different levels of security for your users, giving different users different access to streams, channels or an entire profile – with or without editing capability.

When users connect you can send notifications to them through the interface, monitor who is online, errors reported etc.  Finally with support for Microsoft Azure, you can take advantage of cloud computing deploying CasterStats more widely.

user notifications


CasterStats Dashboard Update

The desktop software CasterStats Dashboard has been updated in line with v4.0 features to include:

  • New Top IP report
  • IP Filtering
  • Rules Engine

CasterStats v4.0 is now available for download to all existing customers with an up to date subscription.  You can see full details on our website.

Important news for our existing customers

After some consideration we have to announce that the desktop suite will be phased out by the end of the year (2015). Support and upgrades will be possible until 15 March 2016. We encourage customers to move to the web based version. Please contact us to discuss this.
CasterStats web services v3 will not be supported after 1st of June 2015. We encourage customers to upgrade to v4.

What’s next…

The team is already working on the next release which will include:

  • Other devices tracking for integrated analytics (web, apps, etc)
  • Unique demographics data integration
  • Linear and non-linear merged analytics
  • Multiple source architecture (each source can be assigned to one or more publishing points with specific filtering)
  • Automatic playlist or events import into channel data
  • Brand new analytics view (in addition to reporting)
  • Fully deployable on major linux distributions
  • Support for more cloud computing platforms
  • Active Directory/LDAP support

As always the team is always happy to hear from our users, feedback about the product you are using or suggestions for improvement.  Please drop us a line at….. or if you have an question about a product you are currently using please submit a ticket on our support desk.

Looking forward to hearing from you



  • 28 Jan, 2015
  • Hazel Skeet

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