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Thomas ZumbrunnenSince the start of in 2001, we have been searching for a professional statistic tool, which allows us to monitor of all streaming servers and the audience activities - no matter what streaming server technology is using. After trial of different tools over the years, we have found finally CasterStats. Since then we are hooked on it. The development team at CasterStats is doing a brilliant job and they know what they are talking about, because they're following a very important rule - they listen to the customer’s voice. And this makes CasterStats an outstanding choice for a streaming server monitoring software.
Thomas Zumbrunnen
Lounge Radio
Bas BooneNostalgie has a quite big audience and we needed a robust solution that was easy to use and that would be useful to all members of the team... I was very impressed by the quality and detail of the data that I was able to extract. We get much more than standard information on audience figures, also interesting data on the players used by our audiences – information that will help us with decisions on where to go with our technology as well as information about our audience demographic... Producers and presenters like how they can visualize the audience in real-time and our technical staff appreciate the access to information on the server status. Our marketing department, that used to rely on audience panels that are only published twice a year, now has a useful solution that will give them instant access to the trends - even in real time. This allows them to present really useful, accurate and up to date information on our audience to potential and existing advertisers... I'm glad we found CasterStats, it has already helped us to make improvements to how we manage the station and in our communication with advertisers
Bas Boone
Radio Nostalgie

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