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  • 20 standard metrics

    The number of sessions, hits, bounces…

  • 15 technical metrics

    The downloaded volume, the throughput, the traffic…

  • Live audio & video streaming
  • Podcast / AOD / VOD
  • Standard dashboards

    Include default dashboards (overview, audience, user geo localization, devices, infrastructure, content, and sources).

  • Geo localization of users

    This level of detail is related to the geographical location of users (countries and cities).

  • Level of detail : day
  • Export to Excel and PDF
  • Icecast, SHOUTcast & Wowza logs
  • W3C extended logs

    The W3C format can record all incoming requests in an access log file.

  • Email & ticket-based support
  • Up to 5 configurable channels

    A channel is a program with a given editorial line (For example BBC1, BBC2, etc.)

  • Data retention of 12 months
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    Everything in Starter and...
  • 5 business metrics (AQH, IAB...)

    AQH (Average Quarter Hour), IAB…

  • Advanced content reporting

    Exploit the metadata of your content to add new dimensions of analysis.

  • Royalties reporting

    Combine content and audience information. Allows the sending of information to copyright collecting bodies or control bodies (plurality, etc.).

  • Session merging technology

    Ability to merge sessions to correct short disconnections or other network issues to ensure numbers are consistent with listener/viewer behavior.

  • HLS / Dash logs support
  • Level of detail : hour
  • Dashboard designer

    This feature gives the possibility to adapt dashboards and to create entirely new ones according to specific needs.

  • OData API for data models

    Allows you to extract data from CasterStats and transform it as you wish.

  • Custom branding

    It is possible to create a fully customized surface with new dashboards without the "CasterStats" logo.

  • Priority support
  • SLA 99.5%
  • Up to 100 configurable channels

    A channel is a program with a given editorial line (For example BBC1, BBC2, etc.)

  • Unlimited data retention
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    Everything in Professional and...
  • Custom metrics

    Create any metric, including metadata-based metrics.

  • Custom level of details
  • Custom data models
  • Custom sources
  • Hybrid measurement (client-side)

    It is the power to merge client-side and server-side methods to exploit the strengths of each. Server side: Data completeness, fault tolerance, data availability, ease of implementation. Client side: Information about the user (age, gender...) and his behavior.


  • Export to external databases
  • Dedicated support representative
  • Unlimited channels

    A channel is a program with a given editorial line (For example BBC1, BBC2, etc.)

  • Custom data retention
  • SLA 99.9%

    Service-level agreement

  • Volume pricing applies
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