One tool, multiple datasources

Our solution supports multiple content delivery sources including: HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH); Wowza Media Server; IceCast; SHOUTcast; Windows Media Server; Flash Media Server (FMS); Flumotion; Helix; Quicktime; Red5; vBrick; Darwing Streaming Server and many more through our generic data source readers.

  • Designed for broadcasters by broadcasters with inside knowledge of what you do and a clear understanding of what you need.
  • Linear & non-linear content: designed to meet the needs of both live and on-demand broadcasting. If you can stream it CasterStats can monitor it.

Business reporting & Metrics

Report on users sessions (defined as a connection that lasted for a set period). You can set minimum session time and time frame you want to report on and filter by a range of criteria. Your audience data is constantly retrieved by our servers so you can capture a historical view of your peak audiences giving you an instant picture of what is popular. Our dashboard gives detailed information on your audience telling you where they are, how long they connect for, what platform and player they are using. Metrics include:

  • Sessions, Concurrent Users, Unique Users
  • AQH, AAS, Time connected
  • Demographics, user actions
  • Players, Content, Localisation
  • in Graphs, Grids, Localisation Maps, Gauges
  • with Export to PDF or datasets to Excel

Integrates with your metadata

Our solution integrates perfectly with your metadata allowing you to enrich the information obtained from your audience with those that make sense for your decision-makers.

  • Connects to your content database.
  • Imports detailed playlists.
  • Integrates with your existing BI suite.
  • Get insight about user's preferences.
  • Understand their behavior.
  • Know more about their devices.

Full featured data vizualization dashboard

CasterStats provides a detailed report generation tool out of the box. The data can also be exported via the web interface in various formats.

Easy to get started, Four Step Process


01 Connect to your data

Casterstats is able to connect to any streaming technology with both server-side & client-side methods. Combine the two to get the best results!

02 Integrate your data

All transactions are stored in our database and enriched with your metadata (if available) or our own databases.

03 Calculate KPI’s

Based on the available data and metadata KPI’s can be easily calculated and pre-aggregated in datamarts and cubes, accessible in our dashboards or from your data vizualization tool.

04 Exploit results

The dashboard shows the results based on datamarts and cubes and uses views and multiple widgets to represent all types of KPI’s. The standard audience metrics are available.

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