Compatible with WOWZA

Measure and analyze the performance of your online radio and TV stations

A multiplatform analytical tool designed for streaming and broadcast purposes

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Adaptable to Wowza multimedia technology

Many analytics tools don’t integrate all multimedia streaming technologies.

CasterStats is compatible with Wowza multimedia streaming technology.

Our software may also be easily installed on your servers.

Installation without technical skills

Setting up a digital analytics tool is usually a difficult process.

CasterStats allows you to measure your data easily and in a few clicks.

Simple installation. Your data is quickly integrated into a dashboard.

Customized dashboards

Most tools provide metrics that aren’t pertinent to the streaming world.

CasterStats' dashboards allow you to obtain customized indicators according to your needs.

Our software provides you with search results in a simple and efficient way.

Know your audience. Transform your online radio and TV

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